PHOENIX Erasmus +: Erasmus Mundus

Joint Doctoral Program on Dynamics of Health and Welfare

Student Mobility

A majority of the PhD works will have a comparative dimension, facilitated by the students' mobility itinerary. The following list gives some incomplete examples, indicating possible individual paths for complementary mobility between partner universities due to thesis fields. Choices offer an opportunity to the students to spend a time for training, internship and research at a third country partner university. Here, some examples of potential internships at associated partners. Socio-economic partners in italics:

  • Pandemics - risks and prevention:
    EHESS (Paris) + French Red Cross + Linköping University (Sweden)
  • Social responses to re-emerging diseases (tuberculosis, flue, …):
    EHESS (Paris) + ENSP (Lisbon)
  • Public health management in comparison:
    ENSP (Lisbon) + Linköping Univ. (Sweden) + Babes-Bolyai University (Cluj-Romania) or Durban
  • Distribution of health care resources as a moral issue:
    Linköping University (Sweden) + French Red Cross + EHESS (Paris) + Babes-Bolyai University (Cluj-Romania)/or School of development (Durban)
  • The roles of hospitals in a European perspective:
    Evora University (Portugal) + French Red Cross + Linköping University (Sweden) + Durban
  • Management of disabled people at institutions (European comparison):
    ENSP (Lisbon) + EHESS (Paris)
  • Effects of high-tech on hospital management:
    ENSP (Lisbon) + Siemens + Linköping University (Sweden)
  • Science, technology and health:
    Evora University + Siemens + EHESS
  • Marginalized populations:
    EHESS + French Red Cross + Linköping Univ. (Sweden) + Babes-Bolyai Univ. (Cluj, Romania)/or Durban
  • Implementation of health policies in difficult social context:
    ENSP (Lisbon) + Linköping University (Sweden) + Babes-Bolyai University (Cluj, Romania)
  • Chronic diseases:
    Linköping University (Sweden) + Siemens + EHESS
  • Pharmaceutics:
    ENSP (Lisbon) + EHESS
  • Evolution of welfare systems and social consequences:
    Linköping University (Sweden) + ENSP (Lisbon)+ Babes-Balyai University (Cluj, Romania)
  • Representations of health and welfare:
    Evora University (Portugal) + French Red Cross + EHESS (Paris)

European students (3 scholarships):
They have to perform their training/research periods in at least two European countries represented in the consortium; two of the countries visited during the EMJD activities must be different from the country in which the doctoral candidate has obtained his/her last university degree. They can visit one of the non-European universities (CLIPP, Montreal; Fudan, Shanghai; Durban, South Africa).

Non-Europeans students (5 scholarships):
They can stay in the European universities.

In any case, all of the students have to go to three different countries, including main university, mobilities and the internship.


PHOENIX is a Joint Doctorate programme selected under Erasmus Mundus

Project Coordinator: Prof. Laurinda Abreu | Contacts: Isália Morais

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