PHOENIX Erasmus +: Erasmus Mundus

Joint Doctoral Program on Dynamics of Health and Welfare

Research Teams

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Among the consortium universities, each doctoral student will join a local research team relevant to his/her PhD thesis topic. Multiple scientific topics, theoretical and methodological approaches hypotheses are represented among these teams.

  • At EHESS, Paris: Several ongoing projects concern vulnerable populations, voluntary movements, professional hospital organizations, pharmaceuticals patents, health campaigns, public health networks including the countries in the southern hemisphere, access to care, disability, medication, and equity.
  • At Linköping University, Unit of Health and Society: Main themes: 1. Health and social change in Europe and East Asia, including social status and psychosocial factors and health 2. Philosophy and ethics of health and medicine. It is also studying development, causes and perceptions of health; burdens of chronic disease; dignity and integrity of elders; and ageing and dementia.
  • At National School of Public Health, Lisbon: Ongoing researches on health contracting and chronic disease management, cost-effectiveness of early counselling and testing for HIV/AIDS, Portuguese Health Systems Observatory.
  • At Evora University: hospital history in perspective (16th-20th centuries); history of pharmacy, medicine and public health, society, culture and scientific cultural heritage; the Portuguese poor relief, welfare and health care system: a comparative European approach; Islamic minorities.

Research teams and seminars within the program's core areas are also organised among the associated academic partners, for instance:

  • At Babes-Bolyai University (Romania): Health and welfare reforms in new European member states. Survey on the individual factors of access and health care utilization: need of health care, gender, education, age, income and ethnicity. Poverty and discrimination as main barriers to equitable access to health care: the Roma population.
  • At IEP, Centre de sociologie des organizations and "Chaire Santé" (Paris): several ongoing projects on decision-making and health policy; science, expertise and technologies of information and knowledge; rationalization of medical care system and practices.


PHOENIX is a Joint Doctorate programme selected under Erasmus Mundus

Project Coordinator: Prof. Laurinda Abreu | Contacts: Isália Morais

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